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SIU boasts some of the greatest capacity in the DIC market, and remains focused on growing it. As a result, we can handle large and complex catastrophe risks that our competitors won’t touch. We underwrite insurance solutions for a broad range of asset classes, providing an array of best-in-class features.

  • Limits: Up to $100 million with the ability to place higher limits

  • Minimum premium: $2,500 IN California; $2,000 in all other state

    • Deductibles: 

      • 5% minimum in California (lower deductible available in certain California earthquake zones)

      • 2% minimum in all other states  

    • Total Insurable Values: Unlimited

    • Construction Class: All types of construction classes, including:

      • Wood frame

      • Masonry

      • Metal

      • Steel frame

      • Reinforced concrete

      • Others

  • Territory: California and all other states (except North Dakota)


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