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EQ One is an Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. company

EQ One boasts some of the greatest capacity in the DIC market.


We can handle large and complex catastrophe risks across a broad range of asset classes and offer the following best-in-class features:


  • Difference in Conditions (DIC) insurance, including earthquake, EQSL, and flood coverage

  • Earth movement available on an individual account basis with referral approval

  • Coverage for flood available outside of 100-year flood zones and in conjunction with an earthquake policy

  • DIC/earthquake and flood on course of construction available (36-month max term)

  • $62,500,000 in total primary capacity (higher capacity is available with referral approval)

  • $50,000,000 in excess capacity

  • Coverage available in all states 

  • Minimum premium: $2,500 in A and B zones, $2,000 all other

  • Minimum earthquake deductible: 5% in A, B, and E zones, 2% all other

  • Earthquake deductible buy-down coverage available

  • Minimum flood deductible: $25,000 (outside 100-year flood zones)

  • No maximum TIV restrictions

  • All parking types and construction classes are acceptable (certain restrictions apply)

  • Acceptable classes of business include, but are not limited to, homeowners associations, apartments, high-value dwellings, real estate, office buildings, hotels, retail, restaurants, and light manufacturing

  • Ineligible risks include petrochemical risks; refineries including petroleum recyclers of any kind; stadiums or amusement arcade risks including attractions and/or rides; electric utilities; risks over water or on stilts; pilings, piers, wharfs or docks; and historical buildings


Each submission should include a proposal and Excel SOV. Please send all submissions to: